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About John Paulson

 As a JDE / ERP Manufacturing and Distribution Consultant/Project Manager, John brings over 20 years consulting manufacturers globally on process, information systems, technology including shop floor digital transformation initiatives - strategy, planning, implementation.


Prior to his consulting career, John had direct oversight for operations with responsibility for division P&L, manufacturing, planning, & materials management, purchasing, OEM manufacturing, global sourcing, global supply chain design, customer service, forecasting / demand planning, production planning, capacity planning, shop floor management, and warehouse management.


John has a solid performance record with testimonials of applying innovative solutions to operations to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

JD Edwards© Services

  John's JDE skillsets include; manufacturing & distribution applications; Forecasting, MPS, MRP, DRP, CRP, SFC, PDM, Mfg Accounting, Product Costing, Orderless Manufacturing, Repetitive, Inventory, Purchasing, Warehouse, JD Edwards Orchestrater; UDOs, CafeOne, EDI, data collection interface design (DSI/RF-Gen/RF-Smart), custom application specification design, process, systems, and technology alignment, upgrade planning, multi-site / multi-national ERP solutions, project consulting / assessments / audits.

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John's Publications
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Manufacturing Cost Variance Analysis with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne


For a manufacturer, to achieve a business goal of increasing the company's revenue and improving profit margins, you need to understand your manufacturing costs and how to effectively manage and improve those costs.

With reduction to manufacturing costs a company can improve their market competitiveness, increase sales and market share. Critical to this goal is the understanding and the management of manufacturing costs. Solid understanding and effective use of your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne costing system is critical to managing cost...


The Phantom of Manufacturing

The manufacturing shop floor is where profits are made or lost. One important area in manufacturing that is often missed but that can have a significant impact on the competitive edge is the manufacturing bill of material (BOM). In this article I provide framework for strategy, structure, and alignment of the bill of materials with the manufacturing process and lean practices...

demand forecasting.jpg

Demand Forecasting with JD Edwards

To remain competitive, businesses must continually look for ways to improve their supply chain effectiveness. One important input to supply chain management is effective demand forecasting. Predicting demand is critical and is a key element of demand planning, which is an essential process that supports strategic supply chain planning. The ability to take this information and effectively manage the supply chain in a timely manner is an essential component to staying competitive...

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